Don’t wait for an extraordinary event. Make one today.

Today’s businesses have rapidly reshaped to operate remotely using virtual meeting and collaboration tools, but despite the profusion of technology available for meetings, the ability to run larger events, virtually, presents many challenges.

Podium helps you elevate your virtual event from a dry, PowerPoint-driven monologue into an experience that is closer to the theatre and excitement of a physical event.

We call this immersive virtual event design.

Where podium can help

Business needs new ways to facilitate in-person experiences. Podium can provide virtual versions of almost every type of event, from small to large, including:

Breakfast Sessions
Network Events
Sales Forums
Awards Shows

What we do


We’ll help you plant the seeds of audience attraction
  • Virtual event positioning
  • Attention-grabbing event attraction
  • Registration-driving tactics


We’ll help you create and run an extraordinary virtual event
  • Immersive virtual event design
  • Event programme and facilitation
  • Interaction technology and mechanics


We’ll help you translate event attendance into long–term business value
  • Post-event comms
  • Event roundup content
  • Analysis and reporting

Services include

Facilitation & Technology

  • CRM strategy
  • Live video streaming
  • Martech approach
  • Platform consultancy
  • Platform integration (DSP)
  • Reporting & measurement
  • Technology integrations
  • Video editing

Content & Marketing

  • Event comms strategy
  • Event social media planning
  • Influencers engagement
  • Nurture planning
  • Paid media amplification
  • Post-event engagement
  • Session content creation
  • Talent acquisition and management

Strategy & Design

  • Audience acquisition planning
  • Audience data research
  • Experience design
  • Partner strategy
  • Programme design
  • Session format design
  • Virtual event registration
  • Virtual event art direction
  • Virtual event workflows
Unlock your virtual event today

Benefit and impact

Enhanced sales and networking
Lead gen and acquisition
Real human connections
Interactivity with a real audience
Improved NPS


Product launch 17 countries

EMEA customer event series

Digital European Summit


To deliver cutting edge virtual experiences, we partner with the very best technology platforms to ensure every interaction feels good.