The difference diversity makes

by Jason Talbot

Here we are in 2018 and we still need to educate the world on the merits of diversity.

Happy International Women’s Day!

At the risk of being over-simplistic, businesses that have a knack of spotting talent and nurturing it tend to thrive. Talent is not a gender, an age, a sexual orientation, or – dare I say it – a disability. Talent is talent.

Living in digital or IoT times, one could argue this has never been more necessary. I believe it’s critical to have a varied outlook so as to stand a chance of connecting with the world on a daily basis. Spoiler alert: the ‘world’ is varied and so requires a varied and balanced outlook – common sense surely?

At The Crocodile we have a talent-first policy.  This has resulted in a team from over 5 countries, multiple ethnicities, a female bias inclusive of top roles as Department Heads and Partner. We believe that diversity and a balanced perspective directly impact performance.

If you need a bit more persuasion, don’t just take my word for it, take a look at some factoids:

  • Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 15% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.
  • Case study: Facebook. They have over 75 nationalities in the International HQ in Dublin. This is because they realise when they’re trying to speak to 1.86 billion people worldwide, they need to have diverse talent and multiple voices so they can scale globally and engage locally.
  • Also, when considering a potential employer, 61% of women look at the diversity of the employer’s leadership team, so diversity is also important for securing your future workforce.

We’re proud to celebrate International Women’s Day today and recognise just how necessary diversity is to businesses and the wider world. But diversity should (of course) be on all of our agendas, no matter what day it is.


by Jason Talbot